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2.24.2018: Site membership and login issues have been fixed, it turned out to be a PHP caching issue with Cloudflare. If you have been having problems logging in or not being able to access members area of my site, please try again now. New member slots are now open and if you wish to join, please follow this link. The new members only categories will also be ready shortly and I apologize for the delay...it will be worth the wait.


2.24.2018: Starting a new Youtube channel called Florida Wildlife with Brian Ladd, have about 50 videos still left to post...not really site related but I enjoy doing it

2.14.2018 Valentines Day: February 14th, 2018, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. On February 14th, 2018, I received a phone call today concerning a school shoes ng at a school I'm very familiar with, thankfully we moved to Port Saint Lucie Florida before my child attended high school. Looking at the dream drawings from last week, last month and last year I'm certain that this is related to the shooting in Parkland, Florida today. The school mascot, motto, dd numbers and other information posted on at least 10 dreams from the past year match exactly however the message of the dream to me proves nothing, and I'm saddened to say that, it only proves that if Jesus is really real, he's a MURDERER and is just as guilty as Nikolaus Cruz of Stoneman high school. and if there any doubts that this dream was not about this awful event, look how many time the word Stoneman appears in my dreams since 2007! Also, at the time we lived in Coconut Creek, and from what my son just told me, the majority of ambulances are from there...still in shock, but my feeling toward a higher power still stand, my feeling of gun control (being in the military) have just changed. Please use the search bar on my site to find related school shooting predictions, I will post them when I get a chance. (more details are posted here




The next two school shooting take place in March of 2018, this is a sketch of the shooters.



2.1.2018: All dreams from last month, January 2018 archive.org page is located here, site slideshow below.




1.30.2018: More confirmed dreams!



1.15.2018: Martin Luther King Parade 2018, my son in the ROTC, This video will never make the news...only if someone was killed would anyone pay attention. If the headline above was really true, sadly this would be the top story on CNN! Notice how the people reacted, notice how even though at the time it seemed the driver was still obeying the commands of this hero citizen, look at what's really going on: Parents grabbing their children, just in case the driver backed up...random people blocking the path of this driver, with no thought to their own personal safety. Everyone around this incident responded immediately and professional to a potentially dangerous life-threatening situation. Call it a terrorist attack, call it a hate crime, call it a mistake...no matter what words you choose to use...heroes will always come to the aid of the helpless...especially when it comes to OUR children :( The driver was white...and guess what? NO ONE CARED! At the moment, no one cared what color he was, and I'm willing to bet, still don't care,...that fact I feel the need to mention what color the driver was me sad :( We are all human, we all have emotions for a reason, and true emotions are NEVER racist. Learning to be racist takes time and effort. In the presence of danger, in the foxholes of war, in the sites of a terrorist gun, in the center of a hurricane, no one, not even Donald Trump, forgets that he or she hates another person for the color of their skin. It takes the brain at least 60 seconds to remember why it calls a fellow human being a cracker, a nigger, a wetback, a shithole... LOVE....please! Brian Ladd



1.11.2018: Top secret Zuma satellite crashes to earth on January 6th, 2018 due to Russian spy sub emp microburst Elon Musk is murdered for no reason at all. These 4 dreams from January 3rd and 4th of the same month. Mr. Edgar Cayce told me to record the launch and what was going to happen to Zima, well it did! Here is the live video from my front yard on January 6th, 2018 unedited and uncut...



Do you believe in Jesus and the bible? I did once, but NEVER again! Magnitude 7.6 earthquake strikes near Great Swan Island, Honduras dream from the 7th of the same month says 'Luke 21:11 great swan awakes in 3 days' and 'Juan Orlando Hernández god kills, luke 21:11' (Juan Herandez killed in Florida, I think) I was wrong about Florida, but I'm not wrong about there being NO GOD, God killed my little sister and I'll never forgive him for that. BTY Luke 21:11 says 'There will be great earthquakes, famines, and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. New Living Translation There will be great earthquakes, and there will be famines and plagues in many lands, and there will be terrifying things and great miraculous signs'




1.2.2018: Sad again, not sure why...but for the past few days I don't have any reason to wake up...and I'm just waiting until bedtime.


10.6.17: Have not been feeling that well and it's affecting my work, should be OK soon, still recording my dream but that's about it. Hospital or no hospital, I WILL complete all past dream reading requests and I apologize for the delay (see bio for more info)


9.30.17: I was taking my daughter, Allison age 9, to Target to look for Animal Jam toys when out of nowhere a cat ran across the road and got hit by the car to my right. The cars right wheel caught the cat and took it around at least twice, maybe more. In this video, it looks like the cat would have been killed instantly, but miraculously the cat got up and ran away like nothing happened. I did go back to the scene and was unable to find the cat...a good thing. I've been driving for over 30 years and in all that time I've never seen a single animal actually get hit, I've seen the aftermath (and have personally buried many) but never the actual event. When we left, our cat, was at the doorstep and was not even close to my car, yet my daughter keeps saying the cat was going to get hit. This was a very strange thing for her to say, as she's never said anything similar to this before and our cat was clearly a safe distance away from our car. As I backed up I was explaining to her how smart cats actually were at avoiding danger and I felt like an idiot when not more than three minutes later, a cat got run over by a car. I was sort of in shock when I saw this and I was praying that Allison did not see it...she did not. Eventually, I decided to tell her since I had plans to go back.




9.17.2017: Hurricane Maria, really? my dreams say it will miss us...I hope so, this is getting ridiculous.

9.15.2017: Power has been restored in our area and will be back to work tommorow, sorry for an issues this may have caused.

From archive.org September 4th to the 8th, 2017.




9.12.2017: Everyone is still alive, should be back as soon as we get a little more power.


9.11.2017:  The storm seems to be getting worse and stronger than I expected...power is still on, but the lights are flashing.  When it goes out I'm not sure how long it will stay off, but I will try my best to keep posting to the site and working on reading requests.  Brian



9.9.2017: Weekley dream video review for this week was cut short due to the upcoming storm. (dream video review #63, September 3rd - 8th 2017 by Psychic Brian Ladd)




9.7.2017:  Getting ready for Hurricane Irma, so far it seems Port Saint Lucie (where we live) is heading right toward us.




8.23.2017: Solar Eclipse, August 21st 201 in South Carolina. 12 hour drive to get there and 20 hour drive to get back home...for a 60 second show, WELL WORTH IT.




7.1.2017: Since 2005 I've correctly predicted the exact numbers for over 1,000 lotteries worldwide and in many cases back then, I did not know what specifically the lottery numbers were for, but over time I got better. Today I average at least 10 correct lottery predictions for the EXACT lottery and on average it now takes me bless than 1 month! Doubt this, well all I can say is I did too but as one eventually realized that dreams really do predict future events...you get used to it. For the skeptic I would say look at the numbers I have right predicted for the next several months...at any one time, there are at least 15-20 of them...write down the numbers and prove or disprove it for yourself....simple as that...and remember, winning not be as enjoyable as you think. If you really want to win I highly suggest you let me personally pick winning numbers for you. and I promise, I will not give up until you win at least 10 million USD.  briansprediction.com/win


6.29.2017: Samuel is doing fine and so is everyone else, and could not be happier. it was a really rough time and I do not wish that one anyone.  I've also update my site and I hope everyone likes it, here is a link to YouTube Wildlife channel.

6.10.2027: Brandon received the 2017 Presidential Academic Award sign by Donald Trump, his grand mom is proud of him.

3.14.2017: Samuel, my son, had his surgery today, the photos and video are from Palm Beach Children's Oncology Center in Florida.


2.22.2017: Moving to the new, faster server today, the site may not ne up all the time for the next few days.  I will post dreams without translations so look them up yourself :) UPDATE: 3-11-2017 Still working :(


2.16.2017: Allison got her mom a bird for her birthday and the cat couldn't be happier.



2.4.2017: 2.4.2017: My son has surgery next week for the lump on his neck, it could be very serious or it could be nothing. Not knowing for sure is like dying inside every day and every night...and this nightmare has been tearing me (us) apart for the past 29 days! One thing I know for sure, my son will not leave this world without me, and I don't care if that sounds selfish or not! There are families right not who are not as lucky as we have been so far, and they NEED support and this place I know for sure can be trusted.


You may or may not has noticed I not been able to keep up with the dozens of free requests I do weekly, well not being able to sleep has a lot to do with it...and when this is finally over, I will be back in full force...or not at all, at least in this lifetime.


2.1.2017: I will not be posing any dreams until furture notice, I will try my best to record them.   Brian


1.30.2017: There is a medical problem with one of my children, it requires surgery and could be very serious...I know I've never said this, but please pray for him. 


1.10.2017: I love this tree.



1.2.2017: There is a light at the end of the tunnel!



1.10.2017: New glasses!



1.2.2017: This was in someone trash...almost new!



12.26.2017: New stove!



12.20.2016: My house caught on fire on December 12th, 2016, not sure but this dream from last week seems to match, the dream was from the 8th of December 16...I think. Brian



12.12.2016: Today our house caught on fire! My wife was at work, my four kids and I were at home when it happened. It was my fault (I think) as I may have left a pan with oil in the oven when I set it to self-clean. We did not notice a thing until all three smoke detectors went off at almost the same time. Allison starting screaming the kitchen is on fire!! the kitchen is one fire!! I told everyone to get out of the house and then tried to put it out myself...with water...and that did not work very well. Flames were almost touching the ceiling after the glass door in the oven exploded! At this point, and it was only a matter of seconds, I could no longer breath and had to get out before passing out. I never really knew how fast smoke can fill a room and how unbearable and deadly it can be...even on your hands and knees. I ran out the front door to find Allison crying about her cat and fish still being in the home and that 'they were dying'. Now I still don't know how smart it was going back into a home fire, but I did anyways. I found Chrissy under Jacob's bed in the living room, immediately grabbed her and started crawling towards the front door...but I could no longer go out the same way I came in (well as least at the time, I didn't think so. Anyway, to make a long story short, I broke the bar on the sliding glass door...carrying Chrissy and Allison's fish outside.   Brian



12.6.2016:  Very strange dreams lately, and I feel like someting bad is going to happen again....the same way I felt before my sister Christine died, very very sad and I going to pay close attention to my dreams.  Hopefully I will be able to change the future, and yes, it is possible :(

Psychic_prediction_7970_7_December_2016_3_by_Brian_Ladd.jpgPsychic_prediction_7961_4_December_2016_5_by_Brian_Ladd.jpg Psychic_prediction_7955_3_December_2016_5_by_Brian_Ladd.jpgPsychic_prediction_7940_1_December_2016_2_by_Brian_Ladd.jpg


11.8.2016: These are winning lottery numbers (using my waterfall lucid method) for all major world lotteries from November 13th to November 23rd, 2016, see dd for the exact date for each lottery. please, no more public requests for lottery numbers this month...I'm done for this month. If you want numbers for your local lottery, order a private reading.



11.7.2016: On November 6th, 2016 at 8:44 pm a Mag. 5 earthquake hit Cushing Oklahoma. On November 5th, 2016 I had this dream and although it does not even mention the word earthquake, the numbers do and they come directly from God! This is totally amazing and scary (for me, please see this. Brian)  The phone number is that of a church called just 1 miles from the quake's epicenter, the second is a bible verse from Matthew 24:7 that says 'Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.  The letters CCC more than likely say Cushing Christian Church and I do not know about this rest. This IS a message from God and has to mean something.



10.14.2016:  Do you want to win any lottery in the world...for sure?  Below are just a few of my recent lottery prediction confirmations.



10.13.2016: Hurricane Matthew's damage was minimal compared to what it could have been, the power was out for three days and during this time I tried my best to update the site and complete requests. Basically, this did not happen but I was able to make a few YouTube videos.   The laptop I used did get wet, I took it apart, dried it and with a little duct tape got it going.


10.8.2016: As you may have noticed, the 4th of October was the last day I've posted my dreams to my online journal (this site). It was Hurricane Matthew related and I'm happy to say the power is now an and although I have no new dreams to post, I did take a few videos with my phone. Dreams from tonight will be posted tomorrow day, October 9th, 2016.



10.6.2016: October 6th, 2016, 3:30 PM EST Hurricane Matthew My wife, my cat and myself are going inland to a safer place...hopefully. This is a picture of my house 3 hours ago, and hopefully, it will still be there after the storm. My kids went to their grandparent's house yesterday, all four of the. I told them there is a change that everything we own (psychically) might not be there tomorrow. I realize that it's just stuff, but we already went through the process of losing our home and possessions once due to my mental condition. I don't know how much bad news in a year I can take :(


10.4.2016: Seems Hurricane Matthew is coming for a visit, will take some pictures and video (before and after) FYI, I'm in Port Sant Lucie...it if it gets too close we are going to find a place to stay inland. I've always been interested and impressed by weather, so I will document as much as I can safely.


10.2.2016: As I write this exactly one year ago today, I lost my younger sister Christine....she was my only sibling and I miss so much I cannot understand why the pain is not going away :(
I'm going to cry right now...



7.20.2016:  Had a great time, and moved a bunch of stuff. I will post my dreams from the past week or so by tomorrow morning. My dad is back in Washington State, and will be driving across the country (for the second time) soon. This time my mom will be with him and they are staying forever!


7.1.2016: My parents are coming from Washington Sate...for good!  The kids are very excited and I'm glad they decided to leave.  After Christine's death, there has been much sadness...she was my only sibilating and my parents only daughter.

well...they were excited.


10.12.2015:  I'm back...mentally, well for me at least :) And will have any work I've put off done very soon. My sisters obituary will be published tomorrow, and I would like to share that publicly. I do not know if you have personally suffered a loss like this, but talking to others is the best kind of medicine. No more tears now...


10.5.2015: The pain I still feel inside is something I hope no ones has to experience...but I going to move on now...and will be back shortly. Brian

10.2.2015: Last nigh t my sister died from some sort of mix up with her psychiatric medicine; as you may already know she suffered from Schizophrenia since she was nineteen. Christine was my only sibling and will be very much missed. I'm not even sure why I'm telling anyone this right now...


10.1.2015:   These dreams from August and September of 2015 maybe related to a shooting that happened today in Oregon.


9.26.2015:  West Hollywood Man Credits Online Psychic Message With $1 Million Power ball Win: I'm very happy for Kevin, although (this time) I did not pick any numbers for him...it was not me...for sure.


9.18.2015:  I was picking my wife up from work at Wal-Mart this evening when I was struck in the driver side door by a car that ran a red light at a major intersection, the sound was so loud that my wife heard the noise from a 1/4 mile away. The person driving the other car was ok, I was by myself (all 4 kids at home, thank god) and I only suffered slight shoulder pain that went away after trying to put my truck back together. My 95 Isuzu Pickup still runs...as usual...missing some things...but I was still able to drive it home. I consider myself to be a good driver, and when this happened...at first I was overcome with anger, and I made sure I stayed away from the other driver. As time passed though something came over me...especially when I saw the woman who hit me, and the expression on her face. I made assumptions that were not true, in fact the person who hot me was working a second shift at a hospital....for children. Notice even the headlight still works even though its shattered in pieces. My love before the accident, of yeah and these two kids got in the way.


9.17.2015:  As per several past DD 's an earthquake watch is in affect until September 26th 2015 for California and Japan. DD's say expect several small quakes (at least one mag. 5) several days before the 'great quakes'.


7.30.2015:  It's been a couple of weeks since I've been posting my dreams publicly....I have been trying to do personal dreams for my friends and have been 'sort of sick'...but not to worry I only have about 10 public dd's to post so you have not really missed anything. 7.15.2015: Still having a few personal issues but I'm feeling better and I have been dong a few personal readings for friends over the past couple of weeks too.


7.15.2015:  I had a pc issue and a minor health emergency but I, back now. I was using my phone to post my dream drawings but now I have a new HP Flyer Red Laptop and I love it except will all the trial-ware that came on it. The videos below are from the past week or so and tomorrow morning I will scan the original DD's from the videos like I normally do. I should also be able to complete any requests I have had on hold staring tomorrow night...I'm sorry about the delay. 


2.7.2015:  I'm going to be 46 years old tomorrow.


1.19.2015:  I wanted to share something I think is pretty cool with you. I finally got an iPod (not the phone version, but it's still good) and it has something called Siri. I have tried dozens of times in the past to use a voice recorder instead of paper and pencil to record my dreams, but most of the time the effort it took to find the record button...talk...and then find the stop button pulled me too far out of the dream I could not go back in. Last night I tried Siri and she worked great...I was able to go back into my dream without moving at all! I know I've said this so many times in the past...but if you want to do what I do...you need to be able to control your dreams and stay in them. The less movement when recording them...the better. Anyway, I have one dream audio from last night and I will be posting audio as well as any dream sketches I might have from the pervious night. Since many of my readers do not work in English, I will also include a written transcript.